Highlighting plastic pollution - Our new kids toothbrushes

It’s no secret that young children love to mirror what their parents do, this is why we created miniature versions of our adult bamboo toothbrush's.  However, at North Eco Store we decided to go one step further.

We created the first toothbrush to highlight an important issue affecting our world today. Each of our kids toothbrush are engraved with a symbol of an animal currently affected by plastic pollution. We hope that the characters on our North Kids toothbrushes act as a gentle reminder for parents to teach their child about the animals and why it's so important to protect and care for their environment.  

Each year over 8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our planets oceans affecting both land and marine animals. This is why it's vitally important to teach our children how to lead a sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle so they can design a better future for themselves and ultimately live in a cleaner and less toxic environment.




As our kids range grows we will be introducing more kid-friendly characters helping to keep sustainability fresh, fun and family friendly. If you have an animal you or your child would like us to feature be sure to let us know below!








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