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Double Cleanse Facial Sponge Duo | Purifying Charcoal ( 2 Pack)

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Enriched with purifying charcoal, our uniquely designed facial sponges naturally detoxify the skin, removing makeup, environmental pollutants and impurities. Silky soft when wet, they cleanse the curves and contours of the face refining skin texture and restoring natural radiance.

Suitable for all skin types. Replaces over 500 single-use facial wipes. Follow with our Double Cleanse Facial Rounds to complete your skincare routine.

Materials: A natural cellulose sponge wrapped in a blend of charcoal infused organic bamboo cotton. Biodegradable and compostable. 

Care Instructions: Use with water or paired with cleanser. Immerse in water until soft. Gently massage the face, neck and décolletage using light circular motions. After use, rinse well, remove excess water and dry in a well-ventilated space. For a deeper clean, machine wash. 

Measurements: 8 cm Diameter.

Sustainable Packaging:  Produced from recycled materials, printed with eco-friendly inks and 100% recyclable or compostable.

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