‘ Knowing that I’m contributing something positive to their world keeps me committed and connect to the brand and inspires me to do better everyday’ 


North Eco Store was born from a simple desire to live a more wholesome, sustainable lifestyle. We began as a family owned and operated business in 2019 with the aim to create a brand that would offer modern and functional products that were easy to use but supported ethical and sustainable practices.

Sustainability is the fundamental value of North Eco Store and at the core of our design process, we keep everything minimal and understated to ensure a long lifespan.  Our products have a strong Scandinavian influence, from the colour palette, to the design we take inspiration from the beauty of Norwegian nature.

We research and trial every product ourselves, carefully considering everything from production to packaging with the intention of making as little an environmental impact as possible. Our team are continuously looking for innovative ways to create less waste and contribute positively to a more sustainable future. 

We all have a shared responsibility for the environment, It's time to rethink what we consume and how we produce it.

Thank you for supporting our small team at North Eco Store.




Debbie Thompson | Founder | Creative Director